This one-day intensive intercultural course supports foreign managers looking to operate successfully within Swiss business and working culture.

The aim of the course is not to become “Swiss”, but rather to focus on understanding Swiss customs and idiosyncrasies in the business world. The course helps you acquire the sensitivity and intercultural awareness you need to feel confident when interacting and working in Switzerland. As a participant, you will expand your range of options for dealing with unfamiliar situations – putting you in an excellent position to succeed and achieve your goals in business and social encounters.


Fit for everyday business life in Switzerland

This course is aimed at managers, specialists and executives who are planning and preparing for their professional activities in Switzerland.


This intensive training course ensures that international managers and executives effectively integrate into Swiss professional life from the very beginning. We help you to avoid critical situations or conflicts by optimising your communication and cooperation skills. Know-how and a head start pave the way for a successful start in the Swiss corporate world.

Key topics in focus

  • Swiss cultural standards, in particular, the key features of Swiss culture
  • Differences between your own culture and Swiss culture
  • Historical, economic and political backgrounds to improve your understanding of Swiss culture
  • Distinctive characteristics of Swiss communication
  • Building and maintaining relations in Switzerland

What you can expect

As a participant, you will

  • learn how to recognise particular and typical Swiss behaviour for easier and more confident interaction
  • be in a position to prevent misunderstandings and avoid conflicts
  • understand Swiss modes of communication, and learn how to adapt your own interactions accordingly
  • discover how to build, maintain, and strengthen your relationships with Swiss superiors, colleagues and employees
  • find out, by means of concrete examples, how to behave appropriately in Swiss business culture and how to collaborate successfully with Swiss people

Our methods: how we work

Thanks to years of practical experience and research on the subject of intercultural competency, Casabridge seminars teach a wealth of useful information and know-how that you can apply immediately. The learning environment is interactive and consists of an engaging variety of presentations, practical examples, individual and group work.


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