Engage simple measures to reduce absenteeism in his business

Absenteeism now affects the majority of companies. The costs of this phenomenon amounting each year in Switzerland in billions of francs and insurance premiums are increasing. For a business, high absenteeism can cause a decline in the quality of benefits, a sharp slowdown in growth, tensions between employees. This may also encourage the development of rumors and dissatisfaction and ultimately affect the company's climate. This seminar is devoted to management practices and aims to reduce absence rates while developing a healthy work environment.

Target audience

This seminar is recommended for anyone engaged or wish to hold office:

  • coaching (team managers)
  • direction (leaders)
  • HR Management (HRM, HR specialist, responsible health and safety)


  • Train to absences interview techniques (balance with the employee)
  • Identify the 5 most frequent symptoms of absences in your staff
  • Set the top 5 recommendations for action with collaborator with a high absenteism rate
  • Develop one or more dashboards for management and monitoring
  • Discover the 5 most damaging managerial errors related absenteeism and get targeted solutions to avoid it


  • Key data on absenteeism and its impact on business
  • Expectations of employees on a absence management program
  • Management Before, During and After an absence
  • Detectable symptoms in people and foreshadowing of future absences
  • Assessment interview and analysis of working conditions (environment, material and relational)
  • Effective management techniques to reduce absences
  • Mistakes to avoid during a assesment interview
  • Application of absences interviews, conditions for success and limitations
  • Working Environment and Climate generating absenteeism or, contrary alowing to the reduce or even avoid it
  • Steps and golden rules for a successful interview

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